Friday, June 12, 2009

More FREE Wallpapers!

Another fantastic site for free computer wallpapers is Kindred.  I love this bunnies one by Fifi Lapin, but there are many more to choose from and they are always updating!  

Nate Williams - Free Computer Wallpapers

Nate Williams is a very very talented artist.  He offers some of his art for FREE as computer wallpaper backgrounds on his website.  Just download!  Thanks Nate!

Check out his website:

Free Printables!!

I love finding free printable labels to use on spice jars, or organizing craft thingies.  Creature Comforts has a whole bunch of DIY and free printable labels, cards, and much more.  What great ideas!  I can't wait to re-do my spice cabinet with some of the cute labels.

Recession Meal Specials

Lately I have noticed some of my favorite restaurants are offering Recession Specials.  In Atlanta my favorite place for a burrito, enchilada, taco, nacho, etc is El Myr.  Right now they offer a special burrito and a draft PBR for $5.00.  Unbeatable food and unbeatable deal.  
Look for recession specials in your area of the good ol' USA.

Flowers make everything better.

At the end of a rough week sometimes the best thing to do is sit with good friends.  My lovely friend, Emily, made me a delicious dinner, sipped some cold beers and sat in her sunroom full of plants.  She had a beautiful arrangement of old random bottles with big blue/purple hydrangeas in them.  I wanted some for myself!  She just plucked them off of a big hydrangea bush in front of her apartment complex.  So, I did too.  Free beautiful flowers and spending time with good friends...they make me so happy!

Cheap Jewelry!

One of my guilty little pleasures is to sneak past all of the 13 year old girls in Forever 21 and buy some cheap cute jewelry.  I tend to break everything and change my taste every five minutes, so cheap jewelry is for me!

                  Lacquered Leaf Dangle Earrings $4.80
                  Song Bird Pendant $5.80