Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Event Invites @

A great alternative to, I have discovered the website  They find great up-and-coming artists and use their art for the invitations.  The invitations are available for free to send as email invitations to all sorts of events, or they also have an option to have them printed and sent to you for a reasonable cost.  Check them out for your next event!

Artists Featured above: Jessica Gonacha, Lenny Williams, & Christina Entcheva

Farmers Market!

We just moved to San Diego, CA (not the cheapest city in the world) I am trying to find new ways to save $$.  A great source of entertainment is the Farmer's Market.  We go to the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  It's a great sunday morning event, lots of people watching, good smells and great to talk to the actual people that grow the fruit & veg.  And it all tastes WAY better than the stuff at the grocery store, especially the peaches and cherries!

What we bought:  
8 huge bulbs of garlic $2.00
3 avocados $3.00
1 big bunch of green onions $1.00
Artichoke hummus $5.00 (a little pricey, but it was our farmer's market splurge and we ate it all the day we bought it, totally worth it)
Huge loaf of cheddar & jalapeno bread (from Bread et Cie...delish) $5.00
Bowl full of limes (about 6) $2.00
Bag of lemons $2.00
Bowl full of jalapenos $1.50

And there is so much more to buy...or taste for free!

Next week I want to get plants, herbs to grow at home.  $2.00 per pack!  I can't wait.