Friday, April 24, 2009

Simple Pleasures on the Cheap!

Grow herbs. I recently took a trip to Lowe's for nothing more than to get a key made. I ended up coming home with many beautiful plants. Growing your own herb garden is a satisfying way to get your hands dirty in the spring.

I chose boxwood basil (smaller leaves than typical sweet basil, but a lovely flavor and scent), banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, catnip and cilantro. Pots, soil and plants all cost about $30. And now I have a beautiful little garden growing on my balcony.

It's SOOO much cheaper to do it this way than to buy fresh herbs at the grocery. Also, a great way to keep bugs off of your plants is to create a homemade insecticide.

Insecticide Recipe:

a squirt of dish soap

a squirt of vegetable oil

a squirt of peppermint oil


Put it on in a spray bottle and coat the leaves with the spray. Seems to keep the bugs away just fine so far! And it's nearly free because you can make it with things you probably have around the house.