Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alive! by Nature's Way

I have been searching for a multi-vitamin that actually seems like it is worth buying/ingesting.  I recently had lunch with a friend who told me an amazing story.  

She has encountered medical issues her entire life.  One of her doctors appointments revealed that she had a polyp (don't quote me on the medical stuff...I'm an interior designer, not a doctor) in her colon an inch or so big.  She began taking Juice Plus pills and two months later when they went in to remove a portion of her intestine, the polyp was nearly GONE!  The surgery was much less invasive and had a much shorter recovery time.    

So, I began doing research on Juice Plus and other similar vitamins.  Juice Plus is pretty expensive (about $40 per month).  I can't afford that, but would LOVE to have these great benefits.  I found a great alternative...Alive! by Nature's Way (about $7 per month).  It contains fruit concentrates and vegetable concentrates just like Juice Plus, but also contains multi-vitamin, mushrooms, Omega 3, and a digestive enzyme.  


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