Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farmers Market!

We just moved to San Diego, CA (not the cheapest city in the world) I am trying to find new ways to save $$.  A great source of entertainment is the Farmer's Market.  We go to the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  It's a great sunday morning event, lots of people watching, good smells and great to talk to the actual people that grow the fruit & veg.  And it all tastes WAY better than the stuff at the grocery store, especially the peaches and cherries!

What we bought:  
8 huge bulbs of garlic $2.00
3 avocados $3.00
1 big bunch of green onions $1.00
Artichoke hummus $5.00 (a little pricey, but it was our farmer's market splurge and we ate it all the day we bought it, totally worth it)
Huge loaf of cheddar & jalapeno bread (from Bread et Cie...delish) $5.00
Bowl full of limes (about 6) $2.00
Bag of lemons $2.00
Bowl full of jalapenos $1.50

And there is so much more to buy...or taste for free!

Next week I want to get plants, herbs to grow at home.  $2.00 per pack!  I can't wait.